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A collection of wood and soda fired pieces

Luna House - Wood, soda and gas reduction fired pottery
Jennifer Maria Perez is an independently creative potter who makes unique one of a kind clay pieces: Bowls, vases, pitchers, bottles, her work is designed to take advantage of the firing techniques she has come to love. Wood firing and soda firing: atmospheric firing. She has tried to create a distinctive website so that those who appreciate her art form and designs can find information about her pottery, upcoming shows and information on the craft.  

Jennifer takes enormous pride in creating her work. Please take a moment or two to look around the site, browse her most recent work and see if there might be something that speaks to you. It might be a gift for your niece's wedding, maybe Mother's Day, or you might be looking for the perfect accent piece for your dining room table. If you see a piece you like or if you've seen a piece at one of her events and you would like more information, please contact her. She loves to talk about her work and the processes that produces such beautiful art.

"The Five of Us"
Soda fired stoneware bottles (small)

Luna House (In the artist's words)
This collection of soda fired stoneware bottles represents my two brothers, my two sisters and me. We are the children of Manuel Luna Perez and Florence Jane House. My Dad was born in Mexico and my Mom was born in north western New Jersey. Their parents, along with the Depression and WWII, molded them into hard working, self-sacrificing, and determined individuals. They raised us with the same values while encouraging each of us to excel at our own passion: teaching, photography, grading lumber, painting, and research. Our life’s journeys are still unfolding one adventure at a time. That’s me, front right.